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AIDA or the Art of Copy

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The purpose of a technical document is simple:
to instruct, inform or explain...


Exhibition stands for IATA

Technical vs. creative

To sell or not to sell...

Creative copy has a more ambitious purpose. Copywriters sum it up as AIDA: exciting Awareness, Interest, Desire and finally, Action. So: first interesting your readers, then convincing your readers, then prompting them to go out and buy your product (or buy into your ideas).

But you can't just "translate" copy. A lively, witty headline in French may be a turn-off in Swedish. A portentous phrase in German may sound patronising in Spanish. A hard sell in English may offend in Chinese.

Transcreation is similar to literary translation (finding equivalent idioms, concepts, registers, resonances), but with one major difference: the result must be capable of selling a brand, product, service or idea powerfully and effectively to the target audience in the target market.

In today's multimedia world, you want your copy to create maximum impact in minimum time, whatever the medium (digital, broadcast, print or poster). There are plenty of embarrassing ads out there doing the opposite of selling.

If, on the other hand, you work with us, you know you'll get the support you'll need - from conceptualisation right through to local-market delivery.

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