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Testing creative concepts

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Clients who are sensitive to the impact of cultural differences on their cross-border marketing efforts ask us to check out concepts and campaign ideas before they start to implement them.

Campanile Hotels

Brochures and website copy for Campanile Hotels

Saving time
and money

By preparing the foundations like this, you can get rid of no-hopers before you spend a lot of creative time and effort trying to adapt them to cultural perspectives for which they're totally unsuitable.

It also means you can expect greater cross-border consistency at every stage of your campaign, because we get to work on the international creative and copy briefs right from the start.

Providing creative alternatives

On the other hand, we're very inventive when you need to adapt an existing concept for overseas markets: we'll never leave you stranded with a "sorry, can't be done".

But both brands and campaigns benefit if concepts are tailored from the start, rather than treated as off-the-shelf commodities that can work in any market.

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