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The Word Gym has been a "virtual company" for several years now. We manage our own servers using a selection of open-source software (we've been open-source pioneers for over 10 years).
Our VPN uses massively encrypted, state-of-the-art SSH technology.

Yes, we have a healthy respect for "cloud computing" - as long as we're the ones running the servers!

Recently, we've been making our expertise available to clients. We run extranets for several major corporate clients, and provide extranet access to data as a matter of course. Many an agency has reason to thank us for restoring lost files!

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We use, have used, or
keep a very
close eye on:

solutions for collaboration

We're happy to tailor systems to your needs - based on low-cost, open-source software, naturally. We've programmed back-ends for knowledge-base systems and corporate wikis.

As with all our services, we take a pragmatic approach. We don't make promises we can't keep. We won't recommend systems that aren't suitable for your needs (current and future!). We pay close attention to your way of working.

We suggest intelligent solutions that make the most of your skills, resources and evolving workflow: future-proofing your working practices.

We've also used commercial solutions in the past, including Microsoft SharePoint, ProjectForum and OpenText FirstClass. More recently, we've been experimenting with the impressive Kerio Workspace, along with relative newcomer ocPortal.

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