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Editing and rewriting copy

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Editing is all about making a piece of text or copy more suitable for its intended purpose, but as an activity, it's largely unappreciated.

At some point you'll probably need our copy-editing services. You may have materials you want to enhance or repurpose, but just don't have the time to re-write yourself.

Kyriad Hotels

Brochures and web pages for Kyriad Hotels

So let us do it for you!

We take editing just as seriously as copywriting or creative translation; we'll tell you if it's going to take longer to edit a document than produce a more effective version from scratch.

Our clients often approach us with existing advertising or marketing copy that needs editing (usually because it's been created by a non-native writer), or ask us to polish text that's been written in haste - maybe for a website, maybe for a white paper or flyer.

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