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Sadly, even intelligent, forward-thinking managers don't always stop and reflect - at length - on their intended target audience. Or rather, audiences.

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Perth & Kinross Council, Scotland

It's not just the ABC segmentation, the customer benefits or the USPs that matter. When campaigns are intended for international consumption, it's also the fact that the target audiences live in different countries, speak different languages - and most important of all, are immersed in different cultures.

comes first

The fact is, creative concepts are often devised with minimal reference to the multiple markets, cultures and languages in which they will eventually be used. In fact, a striking number of projects intended from the outset for international consumption are planned as if they were targeting a purely domestic audience.

That's not the way to make a good impression.

The best time to involve us in your creative campaign - whatever the medium - is right at the start.


The fact is, in this hyper-connected, super-networked age, it's easy to believe that we're more cosmopolitan than ever - we're all globally plugged-in, aren't we? Aren't we?

At the recent TED Global conference in Oxford, Ethan Zuckerman, a researcher at Harvard's Berkman Center for Internet and Society, warned of the dangers of a society of "imaginary cosmopolitans": "We think we're getting a broad view of the world... [but]... our world-view might actually be narrowing."

We can confirm his findings from our own experience. It's easy to believe that cultures are converging. But it's a trap: neglecting cultural details can derail brands, products and services which could, in the right circumstances, have enjoyed significant market penetration.



We're pragmatic - we know your budgets are tight and you need efficient (which means, income-driving) results quickly and at a reasonable cost. So you won't have to put up with any creative hissy fits from us.

Our mission is to put you into your overseas markets - fast, effectively, and above all, sustainably.

Give us a ring on +44 (0) 1887 820 100 to discuss your specific requirements in more detail.

We're happy to chat informally, or take an in-depth look at your needs.

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