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We're always on the lookout for writers, copywriters and translators who can work to our exacting standards.

What does this mean, exactly? It means being able to:

You'll find plenty of positive references to The Word Gym on well-known web forums (e.g.

Carry out
serious research

Get excited!

Helping companies to market success is exciting! So we like to work with colleagues who can feel the excitement and empathise with our clients. Even when the products are very technical or very humdrum!

Often into state-of-the-art subject areas, covering topics that may not yet be mainstream, but may become so shortly. It all goes back to enthusiasm for the subject matter - a quality we value very highly.

Copywriters and translators who meet these criteria will find we're good fun to work with:

We believe in rewarding good work.
We provide proper briefs.
We provide plenty of feedback and support.
We positively encourage questions!
We can provide advice on a wide range of issues.
We actively enjoy what we do, and we show it.

Work in teams

That means giving and accepting constructive criticism, contributing ideas and enjoying the opportunity for creative interaction with colleagues and our skilled production team.

Write well
in your own language

By which we mean your mother-tongue or language of habitual use (first language). And by "well", we mean with a good command of various styles - ranging from drily commercial to zippily colloquial - and a natural desire to resonate with target audiences (what do you mean, kinky?!).


to join

If you'd like to be considered as a potential colleague, please send samples of work you're particularly proud of to recruitment [at] Translators, please don't forget to include the original source documents (after removing any confidential references, of course).

Send us your CV, too - but we don't want a boring one (we're not a recruitment consultancy). We'd prefer a little brochure telling us what a funky, creative person you are!

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