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Our philosophy and modus operandi

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We aim to make agencies look good by providing plenty of support to go with our copywriting and foreign-language services.

We take the load off corporate clients' desks by liaising with their local-market colleagues in their own languages, and providing cost-efficient solutions to marketing and promotional requirements.

Fit for purpose

Process backed by experience

You won't have to put up with "creative temperament" or time-wasting hissy fits when you work with us; you'll get plenty of matter-of-fact advice, and your local marketing teams will get imaginative solutions. What we do is ensure each piece of work is "fit for purpose", i.e. optimised to achieve the intended effect on the target audience in the target market.

To do this properly, we've developed a team-based working process that prioritises imagination, consultation and effectiveness. We concentrate on taking a transparent, pragmatic approach that meets each client's specific needs.

We've got plenty of experience in making sure international campaigns communicate consistent, coherent messages:

We take your brief and/or your existing copy and analyse it in detail.
We discuss issues that the concept or concepts may raise in specific target markets.
We suggest solutions, if necessary providing several options.
We review and incorporate (if appropriate) feedback from your local-market representatives.
We express our views clearly, with full explanations, but we never act like prima donnas.
We engage with your (or your client's) international offices in their own languages

...with the practical, objective aim of achieving the best results for your purposes, as defined in the brief.


We work with the very best writers, editors and translators to produce consistently excellent results.

We work with the very best... but we don't pretend they all work in-house. That wouldn't make good business sense. In our experience, linguists who make their homes away from their native countries lose idiomatic fluency in their own language in a remarkably short space of time, unless they make deliberate and sustained efforts to "stay in touch". Most members of our network of suppliers and colleagues are based abroad.

Another excellent reason why we don't employ our suppliers full-time is because we work with the best in the industry. Our writers, editors and translators are high-flying, high-earning individuals who work with us because they like the way we operate. Their earning potential is much higher as freelancers, rather than as employees of one company. In-house, we specialise in managing these intelligent, dynamic artists and craftspeople as effectively as possible.

In today's networked business environment, we find that a combination of efficient management and personal service is the key to sustainable quality.

Earning your trust

We appreciate the fact that most of our clients are in the awkward position of commissioning and taking delivery of work they are unable to evaluate. And that means plenty of potential for Fear, Uncertainty and Doubt!

We're aware that you're taking the quality of our work on trust - and that you've got to persuade your own (internal or external) clients that you know what's going on. We'll provide you with the support you need to reassure yourself and others.

In short, we're 100% focused on getting the best possible outcome for the campaign - and for your brand.

Adding value

to your copy

In the course of our writing or transcreation work, we add even more value by picking up ambiguities or anomalies in the source copy and suggesting appropriate (by which we mean, intelligent, well-conceived, attention-grabbing) solutions, often helping to enhance the original creative material.

We also check the concepts underlying your global campaign so you can be sure they'll transfer successfully to other markets - essential if you're not going to waste your campaign budget.

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