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Brand and product names

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Thanks to the diversity and widespread geographical distribution of our teams, we can carry out preliminary low-density market testing for agencies and companies.


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Checking names

This cost-effective option helps companies decide whether to conduct a more intensive concept-testing or market-research exercise.

Typically, we're asked to check brand and sub-brand concepts, product names, obtain comparative responses to different product or service ideas, and advise on likely market reactions to positioning concepts or approaches.

Creating names

Research and scoring

More recently, we've been helping some of our clients create product names.

Again, the international distribution and high level of education that characterize our teams are extremely helpful here. Based on an in-depth briefing, we produce a long list of alternatives that is then honed down to a long shortlist using a series of weighted scoring criteria.

Finally, we recommend a short shortlist of names to you - but (and here's the difference) we're happy to provide you with the full list of alternatives we produced at the start, together with the scoring criteria and charts we used to reach our conclusions.

To do this, we've developed and refined our own research process, using a range of questions and scoring to produce useful preliminary reports.

We provide you with the data from our surveys, plus summaries of our findings, so you can quickly isolate those names with limited cross-border potential and elevate names with cross-cultural appeal.

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