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Taking a brand abroad is always a risk: experienced international executives know you can't treat a brand (or creative concept) as an off-the-shelf commodity that will work in any market.

Beckman Coulter

International PR for Beckman Coulter

Brand values
and the importance of clarity

Emphasize the things
that lift you above your competition

Before you engage with a foreign marketplace, you need to have a clear idea of your brand values. Your products and services will only sell abroad if you know exactly how you want to come across to your target audiences, and exactly how you mean to convey your key messages.

Equally important, you need to be sure those messages are conveyed consistently across all your target markets, so your positioning is the same in each marketplace.

As your brand stewards, we help you preserve and communicate your brand values, wherever you do business.

We check your:

brand and product names
market positioning (in multiple markets)
creative concepts
linguistic and messaging consistency

How we can help

We help you analyse your brand values and determine how best to communicate them.

We help you assess existing material, from product names to creative concepts.

We help you decide how best to position your business in your target markets, avoiding negative perceptions and accentuating positive brand differentiators that will lift you above the competition.

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