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The Magic Hat vs. creative translation

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You've done all the hard work. The brochure's been written, the mailer's ready to go, you've fine-tuned your list of prospects. Now all you need is a translation. Hm...


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The Magic Hat
or maybe not...

How often we hear it: "It's okay, our copywriters have done all the creative stuff - you just need to translate it". As if translating carefully crafted creative copy were simply a matter of pulling foreign-language equivalents out of a translator's magic hat.

But... there is no magic hat. Really not.

We help businesses

~ optimise their global messaging

The good news? We have 20 years of experience in transforming creative copy into hard-working foreign-language copy.

We'll help you make a powerful, positive impression without damaging your brand. And turn your global campaigns into powerful local tools.

And we'll be straight with you: even if we have to advise you that your material won't work in a given market, we'll suggest pragmatic, creative solutions.

Translating creative copy can be as demanding as writing it in the first place, because turns of phrase, wordplay, tone of voice and all the associated resonances that make your messages effective have to be reproduced in a different language for a different target audience.

You have to take these differences seriously, otherwise there's a real danger that you won't just make a poor impression in your target market - you'll succeed in damaging your own or your customer's valuable brand.

If your copy is going to work well in another language, in another culture, you need additional creative input.

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