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Making a company, product or service stand out takes more than eye-catching design. It takes persuasive, well-chosen words.

Perth & Kinross Council

Multilingual booklet for immigrants to Perth & Kinross, Scotland (currently in its third edition)

are still important...


doesn't just mean graphical

In this Age of Design, words sometimes seem to come a poor second. There are so many words, it's easy to undervalue them.

Short product cycles and fast-moving trends can make words seem ephemeral. Companies like Apple even appear to take pride in minimising the number of words on packaging and in documentation.

But it's a misleading impression...

Words have always mattered.

They still matter today.

Business leaders know that first impressions are largely controlled and determined by words.

Well-chosen words can win over customers, investors, employees and the public (Apple's "think different").

Happy heads

But poorly chosen words can alienate them instantly (BP's "the small people").

We specialise in words.

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