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Copy is the marketing term for "words that persuade". Copy refers to words that make a positive impression.

Copy doesn't necessarily have to be an ad or sales brochure - or even written down. It may be a report, a speech, a presentation, a script.

We write copy in different styles to suit different campaigns, targeting many different kinds of audience. We write copy that appeals to FMCG consumers. Or convinces senior executives. That amuses children, or empathizes with their parents.

From sophisticated and technical through to light-hearted and fun, we've got the skills to:

excite awareness
stimulate interest
awaken desire
call to action.

Our copy conveys your messages, communicates your brand values, and sells your products and services. Use our copy to differentiate your business from your competitors and penetrate new markets.

Xodus Group

Leaflets and brochures for Xodus Group

You'll read our copy in leaflets, brochures, annual reports, PR and POS material...

You'll hear it on the radio, in speeches and in presentations.

see it on TV, in films, on the web.

find it lurking in viral marketing material.

We write...

taglines and slogans
brand & product advertising
websites and microsites
e-mailers & digital marketing
brochures & flyers
electronic direct marketing
press releases
point-of-sale copy
white papers & reports
presentations & speeches

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